Every business or process
can profit from a little help
to start, develop and expand

The power to shine

Support for finding business directions and staying on course
Analysis of products and markets for introduction and expansion
Marketing analysis and adivisory for reaching target groups

Start-up and management advice

90% of startups and expansions fail due to bad scaling. Bringing in external knowledge can help you optimize your business idea or process. With specific knowledge and academic research tactics your idea will be optimized to achieve your goals.

Explosive marketing

Even the best company can only be viable when the consumers are aware of the existance. Explosive marketing is our term for a combination of several online and offline marketing techniques which will create awareness for any product.

Financial management

Analysis of current and expected cash flows, in combination with marketing techniques and technical background can bring higher revenues. Our experience in production, finance, marketing, investing and management can bring you more.

A little help

Often it isn't necessary to work years together, or to be a dedicated part of a team.
Every now and they you just need a little reflection with a critical listener and not biassed listener.
These coaching sessions helped many start-ups, managers and company owners to advance.


Want to know if your idea is viable? Or is it already time for a business plan? The first steps are the most crucial, and the more background research is done, the better. Maybe a little help here?


Every day is full of chances of development, you just have to be aware of them. Production output, satisfaction of staff or financial optimalization, external analysis will help opening your eyes.


When your business is running as desired it could be time to do scale up by expanding product line, service area or by accessing other markets. Critical research can help making this a sure shot


The perspectives and knowledge I base upon

  • Life philosophy

    Important things first

    Many think business or money are important, but in reality they aren't. I experienced my key drivers for success in life and business are happiness and valuable relations. Only happy people can create, be motivational to their surroundings and succeed.

  • Five - Quart?

    125% effort and 10 pint fun

    Every process, business or job can be more effective by means of time or costs. My goal is to achieve minimally 25% more profit or output on the same input. Oh, and by the way, five quarts are ten pints. Thats enough beer for a jovial evening with friends.

  • The certificates

    The decorations of the wall

    Bachelor of engineering electronics, embedded applications and software development
    Bachelor of education electric / event engineering for intermediate vocational education
    Master of engineering information engineering, engineering management, operational research

  • Working experience

    A broad background is always usefull

    Many years experience in education of adults
    Sound, light, imaging and event engineering
    Owner of exhibition stand construction company
    Start-ups and advice for small businesses
    Hardware, software and web development

  • Let's meet:
    are there

My motivation

for my work

Maarten Bletgen

The key item of my service is to provide a little help with start-ups, business optimizations and expansions. Why a little? Well, I can write an underpinned business plan, give advice or help with change and expansion processes, but the real business still needs to be done by the owner, the staff or entrepreneur. I know that an external and theorethical view on the situation can help you getting things running or solved.

I spend the last 15 years learning all possible things from university, by experience, from books and the stories of people I worked with. Therefore are acquaintances often asking for complete business plans, viability reports or sometimes just a critical listener with knowledge of multiple business aspects. Because I like this process, I decided to provide this for more people struggling with business questions or chalanges.

I enjoy to work work with people, gather data and apply science. Projects of all kinds of disciplines challenge me. With a background in IT, electronics and finance I will find a proper solution. The years as teacher enable me to communicate with management teams, staff and customers. I like to provide sustainable solutions for people, a business or project within the boundaries of the management question.


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